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New Associate Artist!


After the whirlwind of the Little Angel Theatre's Suspense, we at BearDog are squeezing in one last show before the end of the year.

We've teamed up with Total Theatre Award Nominated Artist Thomas Jancis (who joins us as an Associate Artist) for our next project: Guide Dogs for the Death.

'In Mesoamerican mythology, the souls of people who had died were guided by a dog to the afterlife. Some believed that even a person who was not given a proper burial, if they had drowned or had died on the battlefield a spirit dog.

We like dogs. We like death (at least we keep on talking about it). We really liked that idea. We want to tell the story of a man meeting a talking dog and being led to the after-life.'

We're showing our first few experimentations at Punched: Christmas Edition at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton on December 17th (The day the new Star Wars comes out if that helps you remember!)

We better get going, we have a puppet dog to make!



Here's what Thomas has to say:

I came up with the idea for the starting idea of ‘Guide Dogs for the Death’ when I was in the Mexican room in the British Museum. While there I overheard a tour being informed the fact that Mayans would place mummified dogs or clay statues in graves in order for the deceased to have a companion to lead them through the afterlife.
I felt there was a lot of scope in such a simple idea so approached Joni to tell the tale with the use of puppets. We both had been exploring ideas of the relation between a human and a puppet and this seemed a perfect chance to play.
I was on the phone talking to my sister outside the Little Angel one night as I watched Joni bobbing up and down with impatience. When I finally hung up she fairly burst forth “I have an idea for a title. Guide Dogs for the Death!” It was one of the moments where it seemed perfect.
The joke we make is the fact that Joni loves the dogs and I love the death. I look forward to the many journeys I will be going on alongside my canine companion and BearDog.”

We're looking forward to it too Thomas