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Do You Mind? at the Swindon Fringe Festival 2016!

We're proud to announce that Do You Mind? will be part of 2016's Swindon Fringe Festival presented by MadamRenard 

Do You Mind? will be part of a a double-bill with Rob Gee. Forget Me Not, which is primarily a whodunit, using many of the tropes and plot devices familiar to the genre. It’s also a one-person spoken word comedy theatre show that has a lot to say about how we treat and perceive people with dementia.

Do You Mind? brought to you by BearDog, uses storytelling, puppetry and an old-school overhead projector to present a moving piece about the experience of having Generalised Anxiety Disorder and how it affects the life and relationships of one woman, expressed through a single moment in her life.

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Do You Mind - A5 Flyer Side 1- Swindon 2016.jpg