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🚨New Show Alert🚨 Sealfie


We’re starting a new project and it's very exciting


SEALFIE is a project that has been bubbling away mostly through Whatsapp, long walks on the beach and glasses of squash. It's now starting to take shape with big seal puppets made of cardboard and paper.

We’re again working with performer and writer Thomas Jancis. We've watched Thomas over the few years we've known him trying to tame the myth of Selkies, either beautiful wild women who turn into seals or beautiful wild seals that turn into women. It's a myth born from costal and craggy towns, the type where you either stay or you leave forever.

It's where we come in. We like telling stories. We love a challenge. We love getting deep into the honest, human and emotional core of these stories.

Is the Selkie myth just a story of tricks, love and deception? Or of grief, loss and those left behind?

This is where we start.