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Time To Talk Day 2018 - Do You Mind?



UPDATE - You can now find Do You Mind? In our store!!!


Since last year we have been talking about how we reach more people with Do You Mind? 

 Do You Mind? is a one woman show that borrows elements of puppetry, standup and storytelling to explore the experience of Generalised Anxiety Disorder and how we find the words to talk about it (especially when it’s in front of someone you really fancy)

We love performing the show to lots of different audiences, we’ve used it as a starting point to chat to so many people, young and old and we’ve faciliatated puppet workshops that have helped others to reflect upon their own mental health. I’ve performed this show mentally well and deep in a panicky recovery. 

 We’ve heard again and again “oh my friend would have loved to see this, but they’re too anxious to leave the house!” and we’ve been aware for a long time that the best way to reach people who haven’t had the opportunity to see Do You Mind? is through the Internet.

 So we were very lucky to have the opportunity to film Do You Mind? at the Gun Hill Studio in Lewes last year. It was mainly so we had a filmed version of the show to submit to an exhibition curated by Empatheyes but we didn't want to just keep it to ourselves.

So, in honour of Time to Talk Day 2018 we will (finally!) release Do You Mind? online. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages (and even, looking back at past blogs promised its release last year... sorry) and it seems like the best day to do so! We think the themes of the show, being brave, talking about mental health in a casual social situation and challenging stigma, reflect the aims of both the day and Time To Change, the amazing campaign that has worked tirelessly to promote mental health awareness. And it could be said that without Time to Change to inspire us, Do You Mind? may well not exist. So it’s very apt!


How we’re going to do it? 

So this is what we're going to do

We're going to share the full film with you guys through as a link to stream on our website. However (and it’s a rather big however) we will be selling access to the film through our online store (which we’re setting up as we type!) You will receive a pdf file (rather than a download of the film) which will contain a link to the film so you can watch it when you want, where ever you want, for as many times as you want. 

We did a lot of research and decided this was the easiest way to get the film to you


Why are we charging? 

We went back and forth about this and asked a lot of people what they thought.

On the one hand we wanted to reach as many people as we could and we wanted to keep it as accessible as possible (Besides there’s a lot of free content out there)

On the other hand, we want to value our work as well. This is a piece of theatre that we worked hard on, poured our creativity into and have performd to paying audiences.

its a very hard thing to get right as artists, especially for something we love and want to share and to reach the people it may make the best impact on. 

HOWEVER, we want to keep the minimum amount you need to pay to, well a minimum. We're not expecting a lot! And until Monday next week (5th Feb) the film will be on sale at £3.

And if that’s not possible, you can always share this blog post with your friends or watch a cheeky 10 minutes of the show on us below

To can find out the second we drop the film (and we’re seriously crossing our fingers it’ll be Feb 1st) you can either

  • Check back on this blog post
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Please help us share Do You Mind? and Time to Talk Day! Let us know what you think!

And if you can, take the chance to talk about your own mental health with a full heart and courage or listen compassionately and non-judgementally to someone else when they talk about their own.




Joni x