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Punching a Seal 🤜

Early this year, during Brighton Festival season, Thomas spied this tweet from performer Georgie Morrell:




Considering most of our correspondence together with Thomas had been seal based in preparation for our new project Sealfie (call it research, call it sending each other photos of seals looking like sausages) we were shocked and appalled! WHAT DID A DEAL EVER DO TO YOU

 (Georgie’s shows are fun and fantastic by the way, so don’t hold her seal punching against her)

But we digress. For we are now guilty of the same crime.

Not the literal punching of a seal. Or even an imagined one.

For we will be returning to the Brighton puppetry community staple which is Punched!

Start your festive season with a BANG and join us for an unforgettable celebration of the wild and wonderful art of puppetry in all its forms.

Extraordinary creatures, fantastic films, shadows, songs and a damn good knees up, all hosted by inimitable cabaret diva, Miranda. As the days grow dark, it's time to let in some puppetry light.

You can catch Punched at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton on Tuesday 4th & Monday 5th December at 8pm