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Do You Mind? - Full Performance

Do You Mind? - Full Performance

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Full Performance of BearDog’s first show Do You Mind?

Released in honour of Time to Talk Day 2018!

(You will receive a pdf with a link to stream the performance)

Filmed at Gun Hill Studios

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Joni has met someone special, but how can she tell him she has a long-term mental illness? And is this really the best thing to talk about on the second date? Everyone has had a moment when they've struggled to tell something important to someone they care about. Do You Mind? considers how we talk about the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and how honest we can be in a new relationship. A genuine solo-performance with With engaging storytelling, beautiful puppetry and an old-school overhead projector.

Performed and devised by Joni-Rae Carrack
Directed by Iain Scott

Feel free to have a cheeky look at this 10 minute excerpt and decide whether it's for you :)